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Why Marijuana should be legalized.

Marijuana is a weed that is used by many to relieve stress or depression however marijuana has helped in treating many conditions. According to research marijuana is far much safe compared to tobacco and alcohol and it has been proven to have fewer side effects if used responsibly. The cannabis is said to be effective in treating many diseases in the body and unlike tobacco and alcohol this is an effective herbal weed in taking care of our health.

legalize marijuana as it is less harmful and has no side effects like tobacco and alcohol does. From the books of experts marijuana is safe and very reliable in treating various conditions that’s why it should be legalized. Marijuana should be taken with lots of cautiousness just like any other stress reliever substance this is to prevent addiction. From treating depression, also kills cancer cells and other deadly conditions marijuana needs to be legalized as its already been proved to have effective benefits for our bodies. Marijuana is said to heal hundreds of diseases in a natural way with no side effects like normal medicines do.

If at all the state can allow legalization of cannabis it’d make lots of revenues as this thing is used by many. There are millions of marijuana users in the market, now assuming all of them were taxed how much revenue will that be and view here. What if marijuana was legalized? More revenue would be collected than how it is through tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco according to research has killed many due to its dangerous ingredients but with marijuana it’s all natural with no side effects. Marijuana is safe and very healthy since it can treat more than 100 diseases in the body.

marijuana is less harmful and very healthy to the body that’s why the state should legalize it. More so with the huge percentage of marijuana consumers the state would be benefiting in boosting the revenues and also tax charges. Tobacco and alcohol have been proven to have dangerous side effects compared to marijuana as they have led to drastic deaths which are very absurd and click here. Marijuana is said to be growing fast in the market as the demand is very high even without the legalization now imagine if it could be legalized don’t you think it would create more job opportunities in the state.