Photographic Ceiling Tiles – How to Decorate Your Ceilings

Our living spaces serve mainly practical and leisure or relaxation purposes. Combining those two in one house, flat or room is for many a difficult challenge. In this article I am going to focus on the smart way of enhancing the relaxing or leisure function of your office, surgery or apartment while preserving the practical one. This compromise can be easily achieved by an interesting ceiling design accomplished with a photographic ceiling tiles. You can call them jigsaw puzzle tiles since each of the square elements is a piece of the photography. All of them put together make up a large, impressive image.

For centuries hundreds of people were using large, flat ceiling surfaces to display their design artwork or various other kinds of embellishment. Exclusive to churches and palaces paintings and murals of Renaissance and, available to masses, mirrors and carpets of 70s and 80s are only two examples.

There are couple of reasons for using ceiling as a perfect display space:

  • it is a uniform, flat surface, unobstructed by pieces of furniture, windows, doors etc.,
  • it does not get dirty as easily as floor or side walls thus you can clean it less often(which saves your time) and decoration will longer maintain its ‘brand new’ look,
  • when it comes to photographic ceiling tiles illuminated, high resolution photography makes an impression of additional 3D space above your head.

Luckily, it is 21st century and today possibilities of embellishing your ceiling with amazing images are widely available, relatively affordable and the number of applications is virtually countless. If your working or living space is dark, small or simply boring for you or your customers illuminated photography on your suspended ceiling may be the solution you need.

One of the many possible applications of the photographic ceiling is your own living room. If it is small the bright ceiling will make it look larger. Calming blue colours of underwater world or relaxing greens of trees will make the room perfect place to rest. Not to mention the picture itself which is inspiring, nice looking addition to your living space. It is very likely that such decoration will amaze your visitors and make your interior extremely interesting to live in.

In case of dental surgery distracting your customers’ attention with ceiling photographs from unpleasant and sometimes painful treatment can increase their satisfaction. In consequence, they will be more likely to come back again and even recommend your services to their friends and relatives. For this type of interior relaxing underwater or sky ceiling would be the most appropriate one to serve its purpose.

Another clever application of photographic suspended ceiling is a family or child room. Imagination-stimulating ceiling pictures of beloved cartoon characters or colourful drawings can create a perfect environment for play and any other activity. A child will surely appreciate and enjoy this kind of decoration.

The number of other possible applications, colour, photographs and materials combinations is even greater. The only thing you have to do is to adjust this factors to suit your needs and preferences. As they say: ‘the sky is the limit’, or should I write: ‘the ceiling’?